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At Weatherhood, we take your privacy seriously and only collect personal information as needed. This means that Weatherhood does not actively collect information unless it is used to deliver the Weatherhood service. The most common way we would receive personal  information is if you, the user, provide that information, such as in the form above.

The Weatherhood service does not use tracking or cookies to serve advertisements. Advertisements are served based on the location or station being accessed by the user and conditions at the station being viewed. Additional information may be collected by the platforms we use to serve Weatherhood, including the iOS and Android App stores.

The Weatherhood service on your browser and the mobile apps available for iOS and Android ask for and use your location information only to connect you to the closest weather station with the most accurate weather conditions and forecasting near you. Location information is not stored or used in any other way.

If you have or believe you have provided personal information and would like it removed, please contact us.

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