Using the power of weather-triggered advertising, we help advertisers reach their target audience with relevant and helpful promotions based on real-time weather conditions.

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How it

Weather Condition

Our weather sensors constantly monitor and update current conditions, providing consumers with an accurate picture of all aspects of the weather. Consumers have the ability to select a default neighbourhood, meaning that every time they look to Weatherhood, they see the information that’s most relevant to them. Basic information such as temperature, precipitation and cloud coverage is displayed both numerically and pictographically, with the option to scroll through several other details, such as UV index, air quality and more.

Weather-triggered Advertisement

A hyperlocal weather network can significantly enhance the power of weather-triggered advertising by providing advertisers with timely and accurate weather data. By knowing the current and forecasted weather conditions for a specific location, advertisers can tailor their messaging and target their advertisements to be most relevant to the local weather. For example, a clothing retailer can advertise warm clothing when the weather is cold, or a beverage company can promote iced drinks when the weather is hot.

we offer

Every Weatherhood station offers audiences hyperlocal weather information, delivering the highest levels of accuracy available in weather reporting and forecasting.

Why This

  • After the economy, weather has the highest impact on retail success, and is estimated to affect as much as 35% of GDP in industrialized countries.

  • Weather is among the first things people check in the morning, after messaging and email.

  • Most people check the weather once or twice daily.

  • Weather is by far the most important local news topic in adults’ daily life.

  • Other weather services don’t offer neighbourhood-by-neighbourhood accuracy.


  • Weatherhood was developed with leading Canadian and international meteorologists.

  • Weatherhood measures and forecasts weather using stations placed every few kilometers.

  • Major weather providers do not have weather stations in the cities of Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby or North Vancouver.

Who Advertising Benefits


Hyperlocal weather data allows you to reach potential customers with unique promotions that are more relevant and attention-grabbing than traditional advertisements.

The benefits of using hyperlocal weather data in advertising include:
Increased Relevance

Advertisements are targeted to the specific weather conditions in a particular location, making them more relevant and effective.

Improved Targeting

Advertisers can use weather data to target specific demographics or consumer groups more likely to be impacted by the weather.

Increased Engagement

Weather-triggered advertisements tend to be more memorable and engaging, as they are timely and relevant to the current conditions.

Improved ROI

Using hyperlocal weather data to power their advertising, advertisers can improve their return on investment by reaching the right audience with the right message at the right time.


Weather-triggered advertisements can help consumers find products and services directly related to the current weather, making informed decisions more straightforward.


Save consumers money by providing discounts and promotions for products and services relevant to the current weather.

Improved Experience

Consumers can access up-to-date and accurate weather information to help plan their day, stay safe in severe weather, and make the most of the current conditions.

Why choose us?

With placement on some of Metro Vancouver’s biggest news sites—resulting in more than 8.5 million monthly visitors—your promotions are sure to be seen by local consumers relevant to your business.

Consumers are more likely to have a favourable opinion of weather-triggered advertisements—in fact, they’re 90% more likely to purchase from brands who use weather-triggered ads when they’re ready to make a purchase in a given product category.


Serve weather-relevant ads.



Reach the right audience, in the right neighbourhood, at the right time.

Your sponsorship package includes
  • Exclusive weather-based marketing opportunities in a defined geographic region of the Lower Mainland.

  • Weather-based marketing opportunities: premium display, newsletters, custom marketing, and advertising solutions.

We’re proud to offer launch partners innovative and dynamic weather-based marketing opportunities.
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Maximize your brand’s potential with Weatherhood’s targeted advertising solutions. Reach your ideal audience precisely when it matters most—during relevant weather conditions. Inquire about booking today and unlock the power of weather-triggered advertising with Weatherhood. Your brand, perfectly aligned with the forecast.

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